Monday, July 5, 2010

Please Check Out My Interview!

Bru at Pitch Slapped has an interview with me up on her blog. I think it is a wonderful idea to run interviews with writers, so if you like what you see, become a follower! Thanks so much, Bru!

Since this is so short, I'm going to post some pics taken from just outside my house here in Baku, Azerbaijan. This TV tower looks like an alien spaceship at night, changing colors constantly.


  1. I love the picture! Heading over to check out the interview....

  2. Wow, very interesting view. :) Just read your interview at Pitch Slapped. I was riveted! First of all, playing chess with Anatoly Karpov, what an amazing lil slice of life. Working at the Russian Embassy sounds like something out of a spy novel... or the musical Chess (my favorite!). I am also a big Green Day fan, and am off to see them in August again. Seems I like a lot of the same things you do! :)

  3. That would be cool to watch at night with the changing colors and all. And I'm my way over for the interview.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. Funky tower lights.
    Off to read interview.

  5. Thanks! I think maybe the holiday is keeping people away from their computers. At Authonomy I can't interest anyone to come read it...

  6. It was a fascinating interview, Ted.

    Well done!