Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twenty Years Later...

I encounter my old crit group partner Matt Rush at an enormous Seattle writers convention.

Matt:  Hey, Ted!  Man, it's been a long time!

Me:  No kidding!  We've both been busy, though.  What's that now, you've gotta be closing in on your twentieth book?

Matt:  It only feels that way!  This one was my thirteenth. And you!  When are you ever going to break the mold, live a little?  I mean, what is it, fifteen books and every one of them in the same fantasy world?  I thought you said you were a sci-fi writer, too?

Me:  I always did want to do that. You know how it works. They pigeonholed me.  Said my audience wants more of what I've already given them.

Matt:  Ah, I guess I got lucky that the young adult phase passed and my agent let me move on. Oh hey! I was looking through my archives last week and stumbled across my old blog. Can you believe we were ever that lame?!

Me:  Aw, man, don't even remind me!  Publishing sucked back then. We all secretly thought we were good and were being overlooked; wondered if we'd ever get picked up.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah. Hey, it all worked out. It's amazing how many of those old blogging pals are still around. Mid-listers, a few big-timers like Simon.

Me:  Simon. We all knew he'd do it once he got off his lazy butt and stopped writing about vampires.  Never knew he'd do this well, though. Move over Stephen King!

Matt:  Yeah, won't even talk to us anymore. And a romance author! Who'da thunk it? Hey, I hate to run off this quick, but I've got a lecture. We need to catch up more. Drinks later at the club?

Me:  I don't drink.

Matt:  Damn!  I always forget that!  Okay, the Pepsi's on me.  Good seeing ya, man.

Sorry, Matt, for putting words in your mouth! I was just in the mood for a little fun. If anyone doesn't know who Simon is, check out Matt's post about our crit group.


  1. Ok, yeah, deleted that because I'm a dip wit and didn't pay attention to the title. Anyway, again, How funny!!!! :o)

  2. hahaha...that was fun! Nice vision of the future too...only I hope you don't get pigeon-holed!

  3. Vicki, I would like to be able to write in different genres, but even this is better than never getting published at all!

  4. Oh man, this is so cool Ted! What fun. Funny that you used Seattle, I can't remember whether you know that I'm originally form there.

    And you're so right ... Simon is going to be very successful, IF he can ever get a novel done. LOL.

  5. And yeah, getting pigeon holed into a single genre, or especially a single series, would kind of blow, but I'd take it over not getting published any day!

  6. Yeah, I knew you were from Seattle, and I am considering retiring to the Oregon/Washington area.

  7. *falls off chair*
    BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I always love it when somebody takes the micky outa my ManTart Twin...

    Man... if only, eh?

  8. Ted-if you retire to Oregon, we can meet for a glass of wine now and again--I will head that way, too (Ashland or the coast if I have my choice, but regular trips to Portland and Bend)

  9. Hart, you're on! BTW, if you tell a joke at Simon's expense and he never reads it, it loses some of its deliciousness.

  10. Ah, 20 years from now... I can just see it. Great post!

  11. A romance author!?!?!?

    *secretly wonders if there's better money to be made writing bodice-rippers*

    *thinks for a while about ripping bodices*

    *drifts slowly back to reality*

    *raises glass*

    Here's to us all, years hence, with many books (romance or otherwise) under our belts and warehouses full of single malt scotch! (Okay, that last one is just me? Sorry....)


  12. I will meet the lot of you in Seattle to raise a glass of Macallan cask strength whisky in celebration of Simon's latest paranormal romance release, Vodka and Voluptuous Vampires!


  13. Cyndi and Simon, I sure hope it really does happen for all of us!