Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good Music Covers

Usually when a band covers a song by another group or songwriter it's time to wince and move on very quickly. Every so often, though, someone does a cover very well. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin did a lot of this in their earlier albums. Here are a couple of songs that I think were done really well as covers, even though I still love the originals more. What sets these versions off so much from most covers is how distinctive these are from the originals. There is no attempt to be similar to the originals; these are complete reinterpretations
Here A Perfect Circle does an eerie version of What's Going On, originally by Marvin Gaye
Below is Tool's reimagining of the Led Zeppelin classic No Quarter. What connects these two bands is Maynard James Keenan, the singer and songwriter, who I believe is the most brilliant songwriter of my generation.


  1. The last video is too creepy for me though I appreciate the guitar talents.

  2. I used to like Tool.
    Arjen's cover of Welcome to the Machine and Veteran of the Psychic Wars on his latest album are both amazing.

  3. How can someone 'used to like Tool'? I'm aghast.

    Susan, while I am a guitar lover, I also think the drums and bass in Tool are amazing as well.