Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life Keeps Moving Right Along

With Facebook being so easy for doing instant updates, I find it difficult to keep up to date on the blog, especially during big life changes. My family departed Baku, Azerbaijan in July. We spent a month and a half in Beloit, Wisconsin helping our eldest son Anton get settled into this freshman year at Beloit College. Follow the progress of his new rock band Tortuga on Facebook!
Goodbye lunch for Anton
Anton quickly met some musicians at the college and formed a band called Tortuga
Sadly leaving Anton behind for the first time in our lives, we went on to Washington DC for a week before heading for my new posting in Nassau, Bahamas. It has already been an interesting couple of months here.
Typical view on New Providence, Bahamas
First we had the biggest hurricane in living memory hit us. Hurricane Matthew was Category 4 when it struck Nassau. I lived in my office for four days, which wasn't fun. Our house was mostly okay, except for the back yard and having to throw most of our cold/frozen food away.
The hurricane left downed trees and power lines all over
Then I played in the Fall Classic chess tournament, which was a qualifier for the national championships. I took 2nd place and qualified, so this coming weekend I'll be starting the double round-robin National Championships of the Bahamas.Wish me luck!
Playing in the Fall Classic 2016


  1. That's awesome, Ted!
    Wow, lots of changes. Sorry, not on Facebook, so updates here appreciated.
    Matthew really messed with our state, causing record flooding. Fortunately, we were fine.

    1. Sorry you aren't on FB. I find it hard to post on the blog mostly because it feels repetitive to what I already post over there. But I'll try to keep this going!

  2. The Bahamas? You lucky dog. Just started reading your book, btw...Enjoy the warm weather :)

    1. Yeah, it has some charms here. Thanks for trying one of my books. Since I don't push them much, I don't actually get much in the way of sales these days.