Saturday, September 30, 2017

Do You Like Podcasts?

I'm part of a trio of fantasy and science fiction authors here in Nassau, Bahamas. I think all three of us are pretty decent writers. Now we have been working on a new podcast, basically a science fiction and fantasy book club. We read a new book each month and then do a two part podcast about it. We've been doing them all summer, so we now have about five books done, though we had some technical troubles on two of them which we are trying to work out.

If you like podcasts, please 'Like' our Facebook page and share it with your friends! We'd love to have people read along on the next book we are doing and join us for live podcasts where you can join in. Here is the link to the page, where each podcast will be listed.


  1. Cool. Is it available someplace other than Facebook? (Sorry, not on Facebook.)

    1. The podcasts are hosted here -

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