Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantasy and Young Adult

I've been watching my book on authonomy when I get the chance. It is interesting, if a little sad, to see how books do on a site where social networking skills are far more important than the quality of the story and writing.

The most interesting thing I have noted there, however, is that when I take a look at novels listed under Fantasy, by far the vast majority of them are also listed as Young Adult. I suppose this must be what the market says it is after these days. I know that if one wishes to have a mega-blockbuster the book better capture both YA and adults.

I liked the Harry Potter novels, but overall YA is not to my taste. I wonder if there is any benefit at all to me for having written a novel not aimed at YA at a time when the fantasy slushpile is mostly YA? Perhaps some fantasy agent will be so tired of seeing nothing but YA that my adult novel will be refreshing. Perhaps they will recognize that a fresh wave of interest in fantasy must surely be coming with the pending release of The Hobbit movies. With all of those fantasy fans having already purchased the Lord of the Rings novels after those earlier movies, I expect they will be searching for other epic fantasy books that can fulfill their craving for all things Tolkien. Now if only an agent would realize this is coming and check out my book.


  1. I think this is a situation we are always going to have to face - the difference between what we want to write, and what will be the most marketable. I can adjust some of my writing to follow trends, but most if it simply is what it is. I am also not writing for YA, and I don't intend to. So no blockbuster for me, but I will be content to get the book published someplace reputable. Good luck to you, and may the trends shift in your favor!

  2. Trends always shift. Although, I must admit, I'm a YA writer and reader. I love the stuff, and it is pushing the envelop in some areas. To be truthful, there are other things I'd like to write, but I only write YA well. You have to love what you write, find your niche market and realistically in the year or two it takes to land a lit agent, then a publisher - who knows, your genre may be on top.