Monday, April 5, 2010

Writing and.......Basketball?!

When my favorite literary agent Nathan Bransford blogged about his 2nd Annual Blog Bracket Challenge, naturally I joined in. I didn't expect to do well. I followed college hoops fanatically for years, but it has become harder and harder to do so as I have moved from country to country for my work. This year I haven't watched any games and barely followed anyone other than my poor Arizona Wildcats, who didn't make the Big Dance for the first time in ages.

When I filled out the bracket I didn't know much about the teams. I looked up what I could about them on the web and then filled in my bracket. I decided to pick fewer upsets than I usually do, figuring that it would average out in my favor in the end.

Well, after the first round I was way down in the standings. I didn't pay attention after that, at least not until the final 4, when for some reason I checked back in and was shocked to find I was tied in 6th place. Now I am even more shocked, because after the semi-final results, I am currently tied with one other person for 1st place!

Wow! Isn't it ironic to have one of the best things that could happen to me in my brief writing career come down to the result of a basketball game? If Duke wins, then another person comes from behind and takes it, but if Butler pulls off the upset then I remain tied for 1st. I don't remember Nathan saying if there is a tiebreaker or not. The prize he is offering is a personal review of a partial, which I assumes means 50 pages or so of a manuscript. That would be tremendously helpful, as all of the feedback I have so far comes from friends and relatives. I need to know from some expert where I have some weak spots or amateurish moments. If I got that, I could really strengthen the book. Go Butler!!


  1. Morning Ted, I saw your post about this in the forums but as you are a friend and fellow blogger/follower I just have to say one thing:

    Go Butler!

    That would be awesome if you win and earn a critique from Nathan. I believe the tie breaker is built in to the bracket on ESPN, you should have had to fill out your guess about what the score will be in the championship game. So best of luck to you sir.

  2. Thank you! Even though they are basically playing at home, I still think it would be a major upset for Butler to win.

  3. This is awesome! The tie-breaker comes down to the final score of the title game, and it looks like the person you tied for first with didn't enter their guess for the tiebreaker. Looks to me like if Butler wins it's yours.

  4. Oh man, I am honored to have my favorite blogging agent visit my humble site. Thanks for making my day, Nathan, even if Duke wins!