Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Shard - first several chapters

I'm nervous! I just put out the first few chapters of my epic fantasy novel The Shard at Authonomy.  I don't know how cool the reviewers are there, but I figure I can always delete it from the site if I don't like how things are going. I don't intend to network, as I strongly believe that a book should sink or swim based solely on its own merits, not on how strong a networker I happen to be. I sure wouldn't mind some honest opinions on it. I want to find out whether people will truly want me to post more chapters or not.  Warning - many people are sick and tired of Tolkienesque worlds, especially elves and such; this book is for those of us who love such worlds.


  1. Wow wow wow, this sounds awesome. I've never heard of this site but I will go look at it now.

    And if your novel is even half as cool a LOTR I'm going to love it.

  2. I don't believe my book can be half as good as LOTR; Tolkien is the master and I am a newbie. My style is very different from Tolkien's. I am a pragmatic realist by style, and I am not sure that makes for compelling reading. I hope it does though.

  3. Just take the feedback, put on your armor, and use it to make your work even better.