Friday, December 5, 2014

Best Christmas Songs - Part 2

Following up from yesterday's post, today I'll give you some of my favorite Christmas songs from the other of the two albums I consider to be the best two Christmas albums of all time. Yesterday I told you about the brilliant John Denver and the Muppets album. Today the album is the Carpenter's A Christmas Portrait. Honestly, I'm not a Carpenters fan, but their sound works brilliantly for Christmas music. This is another wonderful album to put on in December and listen to all the way through, though naturally I have my favorites, shown below.

When I next post in this series, it won't be about albums but about individual great Christmas songs. Please chime in with your favorites!


  1. There was a time I loved the Carpenters, but it my college dorm there was a guy who lived across from us who played them SUPER loud ALL the time. I really got worn out with them, which is too bad...

  2. Absolutely my 2 favorite ever Christmas albums, and your sisterʻs, are yours, also!

    1. Too bad YouTube got rid of three of the four samples I posted! I'm so thankful that we grew up with really good Xmas music, because I listen to the songs other people play and wonder where they heck they got their taste from!