Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getting Reviews for Novels

Getting people to read a book isn't so hard once they know a book exists (getting them to notice the book exists is a whole other story!), but my experiences so far match up with what other authors have written, which is that the vast majority of readers simply won't post reviews. My debut novel has been 'live' for about two weeks now, and it's sold around 100 copies (thank you to everyone who has bought it!). I know some people buy books and don't read them for quite some time. I certainly do that, buying books often several years before I get time to read them. There are probably three hundred books on my shelves that I still need to get to! But reviews are like gold for new, unknown authors, because buyers often won't spend their money if they don't see enough reviews. So it is awesome to find someone who not only posted a review, but even blogged it!

And now on the same day there is another post, which includes a short excerpt.

It's been a good day today! Another writer mentioned my book here.