Thursday, June 20, 2013

Budapest Flood

Last week Budapest saw the Danube River flood to its highest level in a century. (click the photos to enlarge)
Parliament Building

Me on the river walk drive that is usually well above water

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shots of me in A Good Day to Die Hard

I finally broke down and bought a copy of A Good Day to Die Hard. I say 'broke down' because when my sons and I watched it originally, well, we just didn't find it to be a very good movie. We loved all the other Die Hards, but this one lacked a memorable bad guy and the story was overwhelmed by too much of a fixation on non-stop action. Bruce Willis seemed much more of a tourist in this rather than the focus of attention, and I think that also weakened the movie.

But it was great fun to do several extra scenes for the film, even if almost all of it got cut. Sorry that the following photos aren't so great, but I couldn't figure out how to do real screen grabs from the blu-ray and had to settle for taking photographs of the tv screen. (click the photos to enlarge)
Here I am just the little blurry 'CIA agent' standing in the background while Mary Elizabeth Winstead greets her brother and father at the airport. This scene is in the theatrical cut only. They filmed quite a lot here and I even got to drive the car away, but they chopped most of it out.
Same scene a bit earlier on. I'm standing just behind Mary Winstead. The guy with her was some friend of Jai Courtney who came in just to do this little part.
This is a scene set in Moscow (though shot in Budapest) where the three main characters are about to enter a gun shop. I'm the 'Russian businessman' just to the right of Sebastian Koch.
I wish I could have captured blu-ray quality shots, but this is still pretty cool, at least for my kids and me!