Thursday, February 11, 2016

Battle of the Bands

Anton and the Ants rock Baku!
I'm so proud of my two sons tonight. They both played in different bands at their high school's 'Battle of the Bands', and their groups took first and second place. It was a close thing, because both of them were so good, but my older son's group got the first place trophy and my younger son got second. Honestly, Alex--the younger--was the rockingest drummer of the evening, especially his outro on their second song.
 What is most amazing to me is that a year ago this time, Alex had never touched drums. He was good at piano but didn't seem to be in love with it, and when he watched the school performances last year, he simply decided he was going to be a drummer.

 Anton first played songs with his winning group (above), and then he played two rocking Beatles songs with the teacher's band (Back in the USSR and I Saw Her Standing There). His lead singer introduced him as 'Bass God'. I'm so proud of my talented boys!