Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Dragon Chronicles

Tomorrow is the official release date of the fantastic anthology The Dragon Chronicles, which features a short story (or a novelette according to Nebula guidelines!) of mine called Dragon Play. This anthology is part of an ongoing series of speculative fiction anthologies called The Chronicles, which features such compilations as The AI Chronicles, The Alien Chronicles, and The Robot Chronicles. There are more forthcoming, including one called The Immortality Chronicles that I am kicking myself that I didn't get to be a part of, considering that my books are all about immortality.
Picture from Samuel Peralta
There are some amazing names associated with The Chronicles, such as Hugh Howey, with more famous authors slated to be part of future releases. So that makes me especially proud to get to be a part of this. The book is available for Kindle and in paperback.

For any who are interested, there is a Facebook release party scheduled which will have lots of giveaways.

Goodreads reviews have already mentioned my story a couple of times, making me quite happy:

"Ted Cross does a beautiful a job with his tale of a treasure hunt gone horribly awry for a group of young Vikings trespassing upon a dragon’s lair. The youthful characters of Dragon Play are well done, and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of The Goonies vibe in their doomed sojourn."

"Dragon Play - Ted Cross 
— ok, this is another of my favorites in the group. Not only because the characters feel real, and their relationship believable, but the adventure in the cave is heart-stopping, and glues your lungs together when the characters hold their own breath. You are pulled into these characters, not a yanking of terror sort of way, but you find yourself inhabiting them as naturally as if you are there in the cave with them. This is masterfully written, and the feel and tone of Iceland or Scandinavia or wherever its set is so integral it becomes the backbone of the tale. Not like some stories that make you feel the location is just a choice from a spun wheel of possibilities, no, this feels rooted and born from the land where it is written. Beautiful."

Hopefully being a part of this will lead some new readers to my books!