Sunday, February 4, 2018

Altered Carbon and The Immortality Game

I watched the first episode of the new Netflix series Altered Carbon and it was pretty decent. I do think the lead character was miscast, but other than that it was better than I expected. I hope it just keeps getting better.
As some of you already know, I love the three books of the Takeshi Kovacs series by Richard K. Morgan, the first of which is Altered Carbon. However good the show turns out to be, I guarantee the books are even better. I especially love the second one.

It was this series that led me to write The Immortality Game, so in a way my novel is a distant prequel to Altered Carbon. After I read the series I kept wondering what the resleeving technology must have been like back when it was first being developed. This question nagged at me for a few years, and in the back of my mind it kept percolating until I had a story. Mine is set a couple centuries before the Kovacs novels, in the year 2138. Mind/data interfaces are just being perfected and evolving into better and better models (called 'slots' at this time). There are no cortical stacks yet. That's how the technology improves in the far future.
Cover art by Stephan Martiniere
I'm happy to see that if I go to Amazon and type in Altered Carbon, my novel appears on the second page. Wish it could make it to page one, but I'm not complaining! I'm just hoping some people who enjoy Altered Carbon may decide to check out The Immortality Game as well.