Saturday, March 13, 2010


Since I spent the past month and a half in London, I figured I might as well put a few photos up that I took during my stay. Note that Blogger for some reason crops and stretches them a bit, so click on them if you wish to see what they should look like.

I liked this 'crooked house' in the small town of Windsor to the west of London. It reminded me of old feudal towns such as the ones I have in my novel. I never wrote any crooked buildings into my book, but I like the look and feel of these old-style English places.

Below is a shot of the Houses of Parliament. The weather was bad pretty much my whole stay in London. It was the coldest February in thirty years. Still I did quite a bit of wandering about London, which is one of my favorite cities in the world. This was my fourth visit there, and I will be taking my family there again in June.
The next shot shows the huge ferris wheel and Big Ben and parliament beyond the bend of the river Thames.

This trip was the first time I visited Windsor Castle. It was nice, though I was frustrated that I couldn't get any nice wide shots. I had previously visited the older, smaller Leeds Castle, which I like better because it has a truer medieval feel to it. Anyhow, I had loads more photos, which anyone can see by clicking the link in my favorites. Despite the cold, it was nice to spend so much time in a city that I really love.


  1. Although I've only been there once, London is among my favorite cities. I was working as a flight attendant at the time and had a layover of about 24 hours. Wanting to see as much as I could I headed straight to Buckingham Palace. It was evident from the large crowd gathered out front, something was happening. I found out the queen was going to be making an appearance, and luckily I got a spot right in front of the fence. Well, after an hour of waiting, my quick tour of London was getting shorter. I decided to leave the queen to the crowd and see the rest of the city. Wouldn't you know, the minute I gave up my spot at the front of the line, she came out.

  2. Sorry about that! I guess it depends on what you enjoy most. I love seeing the amazing architecture and history, and though I wouldn't mind seeing the royalty, I can live without it.

  3. ooh! Lovely photos! I love to see originals - as opposed to generic travel bereau photos. I am very inspired by architecture...

  4. "This is what is meant by 'The more you learn the less you know'."

    I hear ya Bro. This just says it all for me. Thanks for expressing my own thoughts so thoroughly.

    I left a comment on your Prologue post. I'll be back to finish the comment when I have more than 10 minutes to devote to it. It has drawn me in totally (and I've only read about the first quarter.)

    Talk to you again on your Prologue post.


  5. Thanks for the kind words, Donna.