Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Passing Along an Award

I've only got the one (thanks to Wendy aka Quillfeather), but I've held on to it long enough. I really appreciate the few readers I have and wish I had more of these to pass out. I'm going to hand this off to a blogger who really has made a difference in my writing life by scraping together a critique group. Thank you, Matt Rush (who runs a must-read blog for all who query or will one day query). I apologize if you've already gotten this one before!

I suppose the 'Silver Lining' is that despite our rejections and less than perfect writing, we are actively pursuing our dreams and working hard to improve. Doing it together in some small way makes it a little easier (though it also helps us to procrastinate!)


  1. Matt's like a fixer for the online writing community. Making connections, bringing things together...

  2. Aww thanks guys. The group is working out well Ted, and I really appreciate the feedback you've already given. Some of it was subtle, some of it not so much, but you've already helped me tighten up my first chapter quite a bit.

    Thanks to you too Bryan.

  3. I haven't really looked at the crits yet, because I want to see what all the critters say before I touch anything.