Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 20 Beatles Songs

Sorry for those who find these boring, but music is an enormous part of who I am, and since I started off with one of my big favorites, I might as well continue on with my others.

Oh, how to do a best of with The Beatles? They were so fantastic and I love so many of their songs. They have a timeless brilliance, so I fully expect them to remain popular no matter how much time passes. Sometimes I am in the mood for some of their earlier stuff, and sometimes (more often actually) their later. Note that my list will be a mix of quality, nostalgia, and simply which tunes I listen to most often. So, there may be songs that I think are brilliant (like A Day in the Life), but don't actually listen to as often, so they fall to a lower spot. Pretty much any song you don't see on here is one that I probably do like, just not enough to make it to my top list.

1. Get Back - I prefer the one from the Past Master's album, since I like the ending better. The rollicking rhythm is addictive and McCartney's vocals work perfectly with it.

2. Yesterday - Such a beautiful song, and so simple. The soft little guitar intro always gets me.

3. Something - Yes, as much as I love rock, I am a sucker for beauty in music, too, so this one follows quite logically from the previous track.

4. Medley (Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/etc.) - I know they strung a lot of unrelated stuff together here, but it is all so awesome and blends great together right on through to The End.

5. Sgt. Pepper - I shortened the title so that I could say that I dearly love both the beginning and the reprise of this song, and I also count A Little Help From My Friends as part of it.

6. Things We Said Today - I love how this song changes up the pace and feel, yet I really enjoy each of the differing parts. This is one of the two songs (along with Mother Nature's Son) that I always sang my sons to bed at night with when they were young. My youngest knew all the words to these two songs by the age of two and sang right along with me.

7. Mother Nature's Son - See the previous tune. Another lovely song.

8. Love Me Do - I once heard the alternate version where John and Paul reversed the parts that they sang, and I couldn't stand it. The original is simple and great, though.

9. For You Blue - I seem to like a lot of George Harrison's songs with The Beatles, though he never did much for me as a solo artist.

10. I've Got a Feeling - I can't figure out how to describe why I love this one so much. I just do.

11. I Feel Fine - I just love the guitar part, and I taught myself to play it!

12. Helter Skelter - I heard that this was the first ever heavy metal song. As a kid I didn't like it, but it grew on me.

13. Revolution - The one with the amazing, rocking guitar; not the slow version.

14. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Off-beat and ingenious.

15. Come Together - Another off-beat song, demonstrating the creative genius of Lennon and McCartney.

16. Hey Jude - I don't listen to this one that often, primarily because it goes on far too long, but it still is incredible and addictive.

17. Let It Be - I prefer the version from Past Masters, since it highlights the guitar solo better.

18. Hello, Goodbye - There was a time when I was listening to this one and Penny Lane over and over.

19. I Am the Walrus - Psychedelic and crazily brilliant.

20. Obladi Oblada - An upbeat pacing with funny vocals.

Honorable Mention:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
She's a Woman
Drive My Car
The Ballad of John and Yoko
Rock and Roll Music
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
A Day in the Life
Strawberry Fields
Long Tall Sally
Money (It's What I Want)
I Me Mine
Twist and Shout
We Can Work It Out
Two of Us
I Saw Her Standing There
Back in the USSR
Glass Onion

...and so many more that I will stop here!


  1. on an unrelated note, I want to be a paperback writer.
    Moody Writing

  2. And that's one of those good songs that I enjoy but couldn't put so high up the list!

  3. I went through a little Beatles revival phase when their songs hit itunes. I bought up some of their older stuff and then I watched A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. They were so young! And so good. I also watched NOWHERE BOY about John Lennon's early years and the formation of the band. It was an okay movie, but really slow paced for a story about a rock legend.

    Don't know if I could pick a favorite Beatles song though.

  4. And you missed out 'I want to hold your hand'. Unbelievable :)

    Just joking - the list brings back memories of growing up in Liverpool

  5. my youngest son goes by one of his middle names- judah- just so when he gets naughty we can holler "hey! jude!" heeheehee! :)

  6. Mike, I actually like those songs, too, as commercial as they were; I just can't love them like my actual favorites!

  7. It would be difficult for me to pick just twenty, as you have demonstrated with your list after the list.

    I also dig your Pink Floyd list.

    I came over here from your comment about Ender's Game on SLC Kismet. Thanks for that.

    Good blog. I'll be back.

  8. Thanks for coming by, Brent. Always good to find someone new with great taste!

  9. I am a HUGE Beatles fan. They're absolutely the best band, and the best musicians of modern times. Across the Universe has always been my favorite, followed closely by the Abbey Road Medley (though I consider it to begin with You Never Give Me Your Money since it's reprised later in the medley). I love to listen to the albums in chronological order (Abbey Road last since it was recorded after the majority of Let It Be) and listen to the brilliant transformation of their sound. John Lennon's music is such an inspiration to me.

  10. Looking forward to your game picks for Monday's blogfest!

  11. I've actually been trying to save up a few pennies so I can get the complete works box set.

  12. Paperback writer...mainly beacuse that's what I want to be.

  13. When I was in college *cough* years ago, my friend put together her "Get Back with the Beatles" album, which she considered to be a "best of" collection. I still have it somewhere, and I'd say there are several overlaps.

    I do have to agree on Paperback Writer, though. I love that one, too.

    East for Green Eyes