Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Always the Bridesmaid...

Well, I'm a guy, so maybe that's not the best cliche to use for this, but it's all I could think of for this situation. Nathan Bransford was one of the great online literary agents (for the two of you out there that didn't know that already). He's been cool to me, even posting one of my blog posts on his front page once.

Each year he hosts a March Madness challenge during the NCAA college basketball championship tournament, the winner of which earns a review of part of their manuscript or query. The bridesmaid reference in my post title is about the fact that I have now come in 2nd twice in the three times that I have played! There are a lot of entrants, so doing that well is pretty good...but second doesn't get me any more than dead last does. I would have loved to see what he would have thought about my WIP, a sci-fi thriller called The Immortality Game (link on the sidebar).

Drats! Nathan eludes me yet again!


  1. GRRR this must be sooo frustrating! If your interested in someone reviewing your work the link below might be helpful? Just a thought!


  2. Thanks for the link. I'm not ready to pay someone yet for services, though I can imagine that might be necessary someday. Getting Nathan's input would have been fantastic.

  3. DARGH!
    so CLOSE ted!
    hey, though, you won in my family and friends bracket.
    too bad i'm not nb!

  4. Yeah, that's some consolation, Victoria! Thanks for inviting me.

  5. Man. I was in first for so long, but I didn't score a single point in the final round, and fell quickly.

    Next year, we should team up, Ted. Because I seem to do well in the opening rounds, and you finish much better than I do.

    Still, congrats for getting so close (again)!

  6. I generally do pretty well early, too, but this year was really bad early on!

  7. Your day will come! It's cool to be on the radar of someone so famous though. Nathan definitely supports the writer community.

  8. You would think he would give you a bonus for third time at second!

  9. I'd feel pretty good about being second, because that alone says you are getting close. Very close! Good luck next time.