Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do You Enjoy 80's New Wave Music?

Well, I never did. But...I don't necessarily need to love a piece of art (whether writing, music, painting, movies, etc) to still be able to admire the skill or craft or talent that an artist has. Australian musician Stephen Carmichael dropped me a message asking if I do reviews. I never had before, but then again, no one had ever asked me. I told him that from the looks of his site, I doubted it would be my kind of thing and I generally won't post about things I don't like.

Anyhow, I did check out his video. Naturally, it isn't to my personal taste. However, I did think it showed enough professionalism that people who do like such music might like to discover him, and I think it can be cool to help relatively unknown artists reach an untapped audience. So, is it your kind of music?


  1. About as new wave as I ever got was The Cars.

  2. Roxy music and the cars were ok but I amthe kinda gal that likes that old time rock and roll, the kind of music that moves your soul :)

    Siv Maria's blog, Been there, done that...

  3. I've been asked to review stuff that wasn't to my taste either, and the best I could do was write about the author style, character/world development, overall plot progress.

    I do like this music, and at least the video isn't a cookie cutter stock creation. The artists has potential. I'd listen to other songs before making a decision.

    Thanks for the introduction Ted.


  4. Not my kind of thing really. But if he's Australian, I'm totally supporting him! :) Hey, Stephen ... fancy guest posting for me about your music one day?

    1. Hi Jessica! :) I would love this! sorry I didn't see this earlier. :)

      my email is if you want to contact me directly


  5. It's not really my type of music either, but man, I love the masks they wore in the video.