Friday, September 7, 2012

USA Beats Russia!

I know it won't mean much to the non-chess admirers out there, but the US chess squad defeated the heavily favored and top seeded Russian team at the Chess Olympiad yesterday. The US stars on our top two boards rose to the occasion and beat their higher ranked opponents. Hikaru Nakamura beat former world champion Vladimir Kramnik on board one, and Gata Kamsky defeated Alexander Grischuk on board 2. Way to go guys!
Vladimir Kramnik against Hikaru Nakamura -- from
At the beginning of the round the Russian team led everyone by two full points. After this massive upset, the US team pulled into a tie for first place.


  1. That's cool!
    Have you ever played at that level?

  2. I'm a good amateur, but I've never had time to even attempt to get near that level. I've played against some of these guys, such as Kramnik. I have a master rating in correspondence chess, and I tied for 1st in the 2001 US Amateur Championship. These days, though, I'm lucky if I get to play once a year...

  3. I've always wanted to shag a really attractive chess player. Just sayin'.

  4. This is so cool! I am an avid chess fan.