Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cover Reveal/New Book Coming in August

I am planning on releasing a collection of four short stories in August. It contains two shorts based on my fantasy novel The Shard, one short that bridges the gap between The Immortality Game and The Shard, and a Viking short story that was included in The Dragon Chronicles. So far I plan on only including it on Amazon for .99 as part of their Kindle Unlimited program, though later I might expand it to other sites. My hope is to let new readers experience some of my writing, and hopefully they might then check out my novels.

Since this is a cheaper book, I used a pre-made cover, though I still like how it came out.

I have a favor to ask anyone who is interested. This is a short book and wouldn't take long to read. I'd like to get as many reviews as possible around the launch date in August. I expect honest reviews, so no pressure to rate it highly if you don't feel it deserves it. I'm willing to give a free Kindle copy to any of my friends who are willing to write an honest review (it doesn't have to be long) for Amazon/Goodreads near the launch date in mid-August. If interested, please email me at knight_tour at hotmail dot com.


  1. Hey best of luck to you! And I could give it a read if you want. You know my email. Mobi file is ideal but I can convert a word or pdf if necessary.

  2. I'm reading Dragon Chroicles now. Almost at your story; and should be posting my review this weekend. I have Shard, I'm pretty sure, and have not had time to read it yet. Dang, I think I'm reading like 4 books at this time, lol. However I would be willing to read your collection - I like your writing. You are becoming a new, fav author :)

    1. You are too sweet! I understand the feeling about being overwhelmed with reading material.

  3. Congrats on the new release. I think the cover is great—I'd definitely be drawn to it in a book store.

    I'd be happy to read and review it, if you'd care to send me a copy.

  4. Copies on their way. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help!

  5. Congratulations on another book! I LOVE that cover. Reminds me of Man of La Mancha. I'd be happy to give it a gander if you need another review.

  6. Congratulations! Hope it hits the iBookstore soon.