Friday, October 23, 2015

My First BookBub Ad

I'm pleased at how well my first Bookbub advertisement went yesterday. I had been hearing about Bookbub for so long, that they were the only truly worthy site for getting a lot of traction for your paid ad, so it was nice to see the returns be worth the money.
Waking up this morning, you can see that I hit #116 overall on the Amazon store and #1 in both Cyberpunk categories, as well as #3 in Technothrillers. And it's #9 overall in Science Fiction!

And my book is in some great company there! Maybe today it will push even higher.

And how about on non-Amazon platforms? I sold 120 copies on B&N yesterday. And I'm doing okay on Kobo as well, sitting above John Scalzi, one of my favorite authors!
Have any of you tried Bookbub before? And look, I get the cool orange Amazon icon indicating #1 best seller! (Sorry I am so excited, but such things don't happen so often)


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations, Ted.
    My publisher did it with my second book, but the price was so high the next time they tried, I think they were glad my third book wasn't accepted.

    1. I do wonder whether doing it a second time will still pay off, since many of the potential buyers will have already bought it this time.