Tuesday, September 19, 2023


As of the end of this month, I am officially retired from my career as a diplomat! It feels good. I'm happy I did all I did over all these years (I began in 1993), but I'm ready to move on and pursue my own personal dreams in what remains of my life. I want to write more books, act in more movies, play chess and basketball, and generally try to get healthier from reduced stress and more exercise. My very first tour as a diplomat was to Moscow, Russia. October 1993, just when the big coup attempt happened and Yeltsin managed to retain power after blasting the Duma with tanks.
Burned Duma building

I met and married my wife Victoria there, for which I'll always be grateful.
Victoria in Moscow

And I played chess against four world champions. My first tour was perhaps my most memorable.
Me playing Anatoly Karpov

I went on to live in eight other countries, including Croatia, China, Iceland, Azerbaijan (twice!), Hungary, The Bahamas, Italy, and Luxembourg. I've had amazing memories in each of these places. I'll never forget this life, but I'm a little exhausted from traveling so much, and I'm ready for a more settled life near our oldest son in Wisconsin.


  1. Congratulations! You've led an exciting and interesting life. Time to make a different set of memories now.
    Retirement for me is just a couple years away, and then we travel!

    1. I hope you will enjoy it. I loved traveling the world, but I've become exhausted by it and am looking forward to settling in one place for a time.