Monday, February 11, 2013

A Book to Read, a Movie to See

This book has been a bestseller in Europe for the past couple of years. I only heard about it when I was called in to play a small part in the movie when it was filmed in Budapest. I can't go into details on what I did yet due to a non-disclosure agreement, but I have a post ready to put up once the movie is released (supposedly next December).

My wife bought the book for Christmas and she read it first. It's the first time I ever recall hearing her laugh out loud while reading, and she did it often. I read it next, and though I never laughed out loud (comedy books have never much appealed to me), it was certainly amusing. My youngest son just read it this week and pronounced it very good, insisting that his brother needs to read it.

So, in case any of you might like to read the book that will shortly be a movie with me in it, here's the link!

By the way, this coming week on Valentine's Day, the movie A Good Day to Die Hard will arrive in theaters, and you may be able to spot me in that, too, if only in the background. If you wait a day or so after it comes out, I'll put up some posts telling you where you may be able to see me. Again, due to non-disclusure agreements, I can't really get into it in detail until after the movie is released.


  1. Bummer! I'm seeing it Friday, so I'll just have to watch closely. Post another photo of yourself before then to remind me who I'm looking for.

  2. Alex, I have two posts set for Thursday and Friday, and the Friday one has a picture taken on the set, so you should be able to get an idea of what to look for!