Friday, February 8, 2013

All Dressed Up

I realized that I had posted these photos only on Facebook, when I've always meant to use this blog as a form of online 'diary', to a degree, so that I can recall interesting things that have happened to my family. We don't get to dress up often, so these photos were kind of nice. Each year at every post with a marine security guard detachment they host a marine birthday ball. Everyone gets to dress up and have a nice meal and a dance.
The most gorgeous wife ever!
I took the photo of my lovely wife just before we left the apartment, and the second photo was snapped by an offiicial photographer at the ball.
My wife checks out the night's program.


  1. She looks beautiful, Ted.
    Be sure to let us know where to look for you in the Die Hard movie before it comes out.

  2. Happy Marine birthday. I think of you everytime I see Die Hard promoted on TV.

  3. Thanks! I plan on doing some posts to try to see if anyone can spot me, but I'm worried to do it too soon in case the producers get upset with me. There is one in Moscow when Bruce, his son, and another guy walk down an expensive shopping street to go to a gun shop. I'm standing near the wall of a 'bar' as they walk by me, and I'm in a gray suit. Then near the end of the movie when Bruce and his son land at an airport back in America, I'm a CIA agent in a dark suit and glasses, standing behind Mary Winstead as she goes to meet them. If they show the cars leaving the airport, which I doubt, then I am driving the one that is catching up to the others, as my car had engine trouble.

  4. Wow! A beautiful wife and in the movies!!! Nice life:)

  5. That had to be a great time being a movie. I'll be sure to look for you.