Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Saw My Movie!

Yesterday we departed Budapest for good (so sad!) and flew to Arizona. It was exhausting but it had one great part. The Swedish movie that I acted in hasn't been available in English yet. It opens in English in England on July 4 and in the U.S. sometime later. But during the overseas flight, a Swedish version of the movie was available that had English subtitles!

The movie has a long title--The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Some of the scenes I filmed were cut, and the voice-over I did wasn't used. But I saw myself very clearly in two scenes, and that was very cool. I can't wait to get the DVD so I can get screenshots and figure out how to do clips of the parts I was in!


  1. This acting thing is getting to be a habit. How fun. :)

    And you're back in the states!

  2. Talk about timing! How do you think you did? In Arizona, you're a lot closer to movie action in California.

    1. D.G., I think I looked better than I expected. I know I did what they needed of me. Wish I could act more, but we're heading to Azerbaijan next, so no dice there.

  3. Awesome! What luck they were showing it. When it's out here in the US, you'll have to let us know where to look for you.

  4. A friend of mine told me about that movie. It sounds like something I want to see. It must have been fun to see yourself in those scebes,

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth. It was fun; much better than the terrible Die Hard 5 movie I was in.

  6. Oh my. You live in Arizona and I live in Utah. It'd be a shame not to meet since we are so close. Perhaps a rendezvous in Vegas is in order.